Saturday, July 14, 2007

Now I'm feeling You-i-fied! "MODS GONE WILD". The Complete List*

*I couldn't settle on a title for this post, so you get all three!

Yesterday was my MINI's first birthday.

While not really a major milestone, it did cause me to reflect back on the fun and excitement we've shared so far. Then I remembered: That is the main purpose of the "BUSHFINGER MINI" blog in the first place! I decided to create this little "modifications timeline" for posterity's sake (and a little time-killin' too). This also serves as a tribute of sorts, to all of the wonderful dealers and vendors out there that make owning and "you-i-fying" a MINI Cooper, so damn fun! And so it begins:

Thursday, July 13, 2006
I picked up "Mr. Biggleworth" from the dealer. It had 11 miles on it. And chrome side view mirrors. I specifically said black, yo! (Two week later, I went back to the dealer and swapped them out from a new MINI straight across. Does that count as a mod?)

What came with the car:
MINI Aux Input
MINI Chrome Exhaust Tips
MINI Grill Badge Holder
MINI Outdoor Car Cover
That little scuff-guard thing for the boot

Installed within the first week:
Alta Stubby Antenna (from my previous MINI)
MINI Magnetic Stone Guards (from my previous MINI)
LoJack (ordered with the car, installed a week later)
Tinted Windows from The Tint Factory (Loma Linda, Ca.)

July 06:

DIY MCS Intake Screen/Air Scoop Grill
Mini-Mania Ultrik Cold Air Intake. Who puts in a CAI at ~700 miles? Well, it was free.

Aug 06:

(Finally took the MINI Outdoor Car Cover out of the box.)
A slew of Grill Badges by
MINIEyes by Rouge Minis
Spy Toggle Cover from MINIUSA.COM (the first hint of the "Spy Car")

Oct. 06:

TomTom GO300 GPS Navigation Device
New Wheels/Tires (sort of): I already had a set of Toyo Proxies TPT 205/50R16 and ICW Racing Wheels from my previous MINI. It just took 4 months to put them on.

Nov. 06:

Unplanned mod: The infamous "curb incident"

Dec. 06:

Limited Edition Front License Plate Holder by Blair Butler (yo- you cain't even git dis yo!)

Feb. 07:

Leather Knee Pad by MyMINIparts (now
Sylvania SilverStar Turn Signal Bulbs
H-Sport 19mm "Sport" Rear Swaybar
Honeycomb supercharger scoop insert by ImagoX

March 07:

Chrome Expressions 808 Titanium Silver with Machined Lip
Alta 15% Version 2.0 Supercharger Pulley (Installed at AMVIV!)

April 07:

Escort Passort 8500 x50
Pirelli P6 205/50R16

May 07:

M7 Strut Brace (originally Purchased at AMVIV, just now installed!)

June 07:
MINI hits it's first 10,000 miles. (Not a mod, but an interesting milestone nonetheless!)

And that's just the first year!
Geepers, what's left?! I'm sure I've forgotten something. I'll update this entry as these come to mind.


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