Friday, July 13, 2007

Today is my MINI's birthday!

Exactly one year ago today, I took delivery of my 2006 MINI Cooper S, a.k.a. "Mr. Bigglesworth". It was about this hot too, a blazing 100-degree , SoCal summer day.

I remember being frustrated that his "maiden voyage" was on the HMS Gridlock. A brand new MINI, and I'm going 20 mph in clutch killer traffic for the next two hours trying to get home.

I remember stalling it three times in three different intersections. Pesky traffic signals! (I don't think I've mastered it's tiny-but-mighty transmission yet!) I got home and had to take a nap because I was tired from baking in the heat. I couldn't sleep w/ a brand new MINI in my parking spot.

Later that evening I was able to get some "First Day" photos, even though it was at night. Less than a month later the mod-bug creeped in and bit me in the ass. Since then, I've attempted to chronicle its on-going transformation. (Note to self: Get photo morphing program)

(not necc. the best recent pic, but hey...)

One year and a 11,000 (s)miles later, I love my MINI as much as the day I brought it home. More actually, thanks to those darn kids!



  1. Congrats and happy birthday to your baby! but only 11K miles? Man, you need to motor more ;)

  2. Thanks DB! That means a lot to me, comin' from a famous international jetsetter like you! (lol)

    Yeah, I do need to motor more! :)