Friday, June 30, 2006

A MINI IS SOLD! (sort of)

Well it looks like the ol' Coop is just about sold! And by sold, I mean, I got an offer today I could live with.

Not necc. the "best" offer, or what I'd hoped, or what I could possibly pull in with more haggling (and time). I could have haggled over a brand new windshield, or new brakes, or new clutch, or chrome or floor mats or AUX input or spankin new tires... Yeah- If i wanted to stand in the sun for another couple hours (it was literally 100 degrees by the time I received an acceptable offier!)

However, a solid, reliable, offer with a valid checking account? Considering that my 06 should be arriving in six-to-eight days, I guess I can't pass it up. Now for final prep:

  • swap aftermarket tires and wheels for OEM tires and wheels
  • final cleanup and clearing out of personal effects
  • sneaking away a few accoutrements that no one should notice, and
  • planting a couple "easter eggs" (Why am I the only one that thinks that is cool?)
  • figuring out how I'm gonna get home and to to work for the next week?!?!?

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Seven Days!

Talked to my Motoring Advisor this morning for the "update" on my MINI. Since this blog is newer than when I ordered it, I thought I'd get everyone up to speed:
  • Ordered on May 29. They said "approx 8 weeks". It never showed up on the Owner's Lounge; I couldn't track it at sea
  • Called 866-ASK-MINI four weeks ago- Its 4 weeks ahead of schedule!
  • Called my Motoring Advisor today for an update:
"Scheduled to arrive at Port, Jul 1. Status: On Time. Add a week for delivery and you-i-fication."

For those doing the math, that's about 1 week from today! Yay! I'd certainly be more excited if I were not still in possession (and financial obligation) of my current 2003 Cooper.


Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s MINI Cooper S is on eBay?!?

One day this link will be dead, but what the heck!

"The car dynoed at 223 to the ground, which, when the 20% loss through the drivetrain is calculated, is actually 269.9 at the flywheel. The pulley is a 17% which is what was suggested for daily driving. The head and intake were ported and polished with new stainless valves. The cams were changed. The header/exhaust system was changed, the injectors were upsized and the computer was remapped. The springs, struts, brakes and sway bars were changed. The larger brakes required the larger wheels for clearance..."

Note: Auction closes/closed Jun 29, 2006

But the coolest part?! Pure Silver/Black baby!

Sunday, June 25, 2006

200 Photos of my MINI Cooper

Over the last three years, I have easily taken over 2000 photos of my car. If I posted every photo of my MINI Cooper it would take an hour to load. Here are a just a few (with a link to more!)

Chrome tail pipe.

Night Shot

Buy my MINI, and get a free Car Cover!

Taken moments before heading off to AMVIV 2006

One of the first photos of my MINI.

A quick peek at the interior.

A quick peek under the hood.


Click here to see more detailed photos of my 2003 MINI Cooper,
which is currently for sale. BTW!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

My 2003 MINI Cooper is FOR SALE

2003 MINI Cooper 23k miles, new tires, new brakes, "Inspection I"
23,000 miles
$16,000. Extremely Negotiable!

Who would have ever thought that some day I would part ways with my beloved MINI Cooper!?!

Not me! Until I made the mistake of driving a MINI Cooper S- and now I have to have one!

With a 2006 MINI Cooper S already ordered, I must now part with my trusty 2003. Hand washed by myself with Meguiars' products at least once a week inside and out, and fed with only highgrade 91 Octane, my beloved MINI looks, drives, feels, and smells "like new".

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