Thursday, June 29, 2006

Seven Days!

Talked to my Motoring Advisor this morning for the "update" on my MINI. Since this blog is newer than when I ordered it, I thought I'd get everyone up to speed:
  • Ordered on May 29. They said "approx 8 weeks". It never showed up on the Owner's Lounge; I couldn't track it at sea
  • Called 866-ASK-MINI four weeks ago- Its 4 weeks ahead of schedule!
  • Called my Motoring Advisor today for an update:
"Scheduled to arrive at Port, Jul 1. Status: On Time. Add a week for delivery and you-i-fication."

For those doing the math, that's about 1 week from today! Yay! I'd certainly be more excited if I were not still in possession (and financial obligation) of my current 2003 Cooper.


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