Friday, February 20, 2009

Tailpipe snippage, legos and free MINIs!

Again, it's kinda hard to discuss the wonderful world of MINI without rehashing the big stories that are covered in 20 different places, however, the news this week that MINI is now doing a "mandatory recall" of all R56 (aka 2007+) Cooper Ss... and for what? To have their tailpipes moved in 1/2 an inch so people won't burn themselves? Please add me to the "gimme an effin break!" list.

But on a lighter note...
Lego MINI!

See more Lego MINI coolness on the "Brickblog"

Buy Condo, get free* MINI!

While in the last six month we hear more and more accounts of MINIs being thrown in as buyer incentives during this horrific US housing market, one Atlanta (Georgia) development makes no gaurantees when it says "for what you are paying in rent, you could win a BMW Mini Cooper." What no freebies?

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