Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NYT asks, "GP MINI: An instant collectible?"

Within in the last month or so I have seen photos of two out of the 415 U.S. issued GP MINIs crashed on the Internet and a third in real-life (and in real time no less!). Meanwhile, the question of whether the GP MINI, or as it is officially billed, the "Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit" qualifies as a true "collectible" has surfaced not only on a recent episode of White Roof Radio, but just today in an interesting editorial from New York Times writer Richard Chang:

(Photo courtesy: toddsmods.com)

"When carmakers label something as limited edition, it typically means they’ve added leather and slapped on some chrome badging to spark sales in the middle of a model cycle. For example, you don’t see Ford Mustang Bullitt editions going for anywhere near the $31,075 sticker on eBay (and this is a brand new car).

Could the Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit (its official name) be different?...

In two years, the GP Kit, according to my friend, had become a collector’s item. “People bought them and stored them in their garage,” he said. Really? An instant collectible? I brought this up to Vincent Kung, a Mini product spokesman, who wrote back, “The GP, yes, has been selling for more than sticker. I saw a used former press car for sale at a local dealer at $36,000...”

As always New York Times' online editions are a pretty good read. I encourage you to enjoy the full article and let us know what you think!

New York Times: Mini's Instant Collectible

No MINI COOPERS in Grand Theft Auto IV?

The most anticipated game of 2008, one of the coolest popular cars in the world. You'd think there would be room for the two in one game?

Searching the internets I finally came across this short (maybe fake) clip of the cars to be featured in the latest release for Rockstar Games, "Grand Theft Auto IV, Liberty City"

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Siddhartha Waxes Poetic on New MINI Blog

Many of us in the MINI community know all to well that fellow MINI driver (and now official race car driver), Jerry "Siddhartha" Bradbury has quite a way with words.

(photo courtesy of newmini.wordpress.com)

Now as a contributing writer to the blog at MiniMania.com, Jerry waxes poetic on his experiences as a sponsored driver in the 2008 U.S. Touring Car Championship series. Here's a recent excerpt:

Infineon Raceway, April 11, 2008

It’s quiet tonight under this hill in Sonoma. A few lights gleam and the faint tink-tink-tink of a hammer sounds from some hidden pit area where work continues as it always does on a race car. Bright stars look down on a few early arrivals and the air is redolent of hay and the sea. All through the night the transporters pull in, towing their brightly colored cars. They’ve come from Oregon, Utah, Nevada and all parts of California to become a part of this temporary community, to see old friends, to make new ones, to race. Dawn reveals a small village sprung up over night. There are streets, traffic, pedestrians, wives, sweethearts, kids and dogs. Cars of all descriptions, from daily drivers to factory sponsored racecars have become the focus of attention as they are prepared to go on track. An air of festivity prevails over this day at the races, but an undercurrent of the potential for violence and wreckage is present as well as the tow truck rumbles slowly around the perimeter like a bright red velociraptor, tail high, looking for prey.

Oh yes, and he talks a lot about racing and specs and such too. For a well-written inside look into the world and mind of an up-and-coming track driver, Jerry's contributions to the MINI Mania blog at newmini.wordpress.com can't be beat!

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Plus, I've been begging for a suitable opportunity to say "wax poetic" for a couple days now. :)

Friday, April 18, 2008

MINI Cooper Tops 'Best Affordable Tech Cars'

Today a friend pointed me to a CNET.com articles that rates the "Best Affordable Tech Cars".

"When a car costs $100,000, you expect a cabin filled with the latest gadgets. The trick is getting good cabin tech in an affordable car, the kind that most people drive. We're very impressed when we see a navigation system in a car that costs less than $30,000. Good stereos make an appearance at many different price ranges. Sure, these cars often won't have all the tech you could want, but a few quality components make them true tech cars."
Of the seven cars that made the list (including the Volvo C30 and Nissan Altima Coupe), yeah- the MINI Cooper grabs the #1 spot with a 9.3 out of 10. Or as CNET put it, "Spectacular"! (But we knew that, didn't we!)

"Good-looking and one of the most fun cars on the road, the 2007 Mini Cooper S is well-engineered throughout. While we were impressed by the audio and handling, these can be made even better with an optional premium speaker system and a limited slip differential."

Visit CNET.com for the full list and a pretty good video review of the 2007 MINI Cooper.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

MINI Takes The States 2008! Registration now Open!

If you are a new MINI Owner, a non-MINI owner, or just been living under the overpass the last two years, you may be saying "what is 'MINI Takes The States'?" In my own words, it's a four-part, nationwide party sponsored by good ol' MINI USA! In their words...

Two years ago, MINI Takes the States motored coast-to-coast with thousands of MINI Owners and enthusiasts joining up for a legendary motoring extravaganza. This year, though, everyone hoped even more folks could get in on the fun. So MINI owners voted to visit four U.S. cities for four separate weekends of good times, including the chance to drive a MINI on an aggressive autocross course.

Plus, the net proceeds from registration fees are all going to help out a regional MINI Motoring Hearts ™ charitable organization. So mark your calendars for one or more of these unforgettable events, register today and start picking your co-pilots...

Highlights in each city will include:

* MINI Parking Corral at festival grounds
* MINI-Autocross Test Drive
* Live festival entertainment
* Headliner band Saturday night
* The “Bootload of Fun Zone” with activities for all ages
* MINI Vendor Village
* An official MTTS Welcome Kit for each paid attendee
* Friday night Meet & Greet (MINI Owners only)
* Rise and Shine Saturday Rally (MINI Owners only)

And the list goes on! (click here for the rest)...

This event takes place in MIAMI, BOSTON, CHICAGO, and L.A. Now, here's the kicker- EVERYONE IS INVITED – EVEN IF YOU DON’T OWN A MINI!!

Now that's marketing, baby!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

iPhone+MINI Cooper Armrest

Found this cool video and thread on NAM about the iPhone "snap-in" for the MINI OEM armrest.

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Hot girls and MINI Coopers!

What more could a person want?

The site is not in english so I can't give you a better setup, but who cares, right! ? (Thanks Rally for the find *and* sharing!)

NOTE: This gallery contains nudity. The link: MINI4U@Teixeira - MINI - SEXY