Friday, April 18, 2008

MINI Cooper Tops 'Best Affordable Tech Cars'

Today a friend pointed me to a articles that rates the "Best Affordable Tech Cars".

"When a car costs $100,000, you expect a cabin filled with the latest gadgets. The trick is getting good cabin tech in an affordable car, the kind that most people drive. We're very impressed when we see a navigation system in a car that costs less than $30,000. Good stereos make an appearance at many different price ranges. Sure, these cars often won't have all the tech you could want, but a few quality components make them true tech cars."
Of the seven cars that made the list (including the Volvo C30 and Nissan Altima Coupe), yeah- the MINI Cooper grabs the #1 spot with a 9.3 out of 10. Or as CNET put it, "Spectacular"! (But we knew that, didn't we!)

"Good-looking and one of the most fun cars on the road, the 2007 Mini Cooper S is well-engineered throughout. While we were impressed by the audio and handling, these can be made even better with an optional premium speaker system and a limited slip differential."

Visit for the full list and a pretty good video review of the 2007 MINI Cooper.

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