Tuesday, April 29, 2008

NYT asks, "GP MINI: An instant collectible?"

Within in the last month or so I have seen photos of two out of the 415 U.S. issued GP MINIs crashed on the Internet and a third in real-life (and in real time no less!). Meanwhile, the question of whether the GP MINI, or as it is officially billed, the "Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit" qualifies as a true "collectible" has surfaced not only on a recent episode of White Roof Radio, but just today in an interesting editorial from New York Times writer Richard Chang:

(Photo courtesy: toddsmods.com)

"When carmakers label something as limited edition, it typically means they’ve added leather and slapped on some chrome badging to spark sales in the middle of a model cycle. For example, you don’t see Ford Mustang Bullitt editions going for anywhere near the $31,075 sticker on eBay (and this is a brand new car).

Could the Mini Cooper S with John Cooper Works GP Kit (its official name) be different?...

In two years, the GP Kit, according to my friend, had become a collector’s item. “People bought them and stored them in their garage,” he said. Really? An instant collectible? I brought this up to Vincent Kung, a Mini product spokesman, who wrote back, “The GP, yes, has been selling for more than sticker. I saw a used former press car for sale at a local dealer at $36,000...”

As always New York Times' online editions are a pretty good read. I encourage you to enjoy the full article and let us know what you think!

New York Times: Mini's Instant Collectible

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