Sunday, February 25, 2007

Lookie What I Got! H-Sport Rear Sway Bar!

Well, I can't really show photos of my latest accoutrement, since it's under the car, in between the frame and subframe, in the rear, connected to end-links and control arms. And I was actually involved in the (free) install (thats right- i actually got my hands dirty!) So I wasn't able to take 100 photos of the process. :)

The H-SPort Sport (19mm) Rear Sway Bar
"Does it make a diffference?" you say? I left the driveway, turned left, and at 20mph I could already notice a difference in handling. I wouldn't necessarily say a "stiffer" ride, since it's not a more rough ride. I can say that I don't know why they call it a "sway-bar", when it's actually and anti-sway bar!

(from the website):
"Recommended for street and track use, the Sport Rear may be used in combination with the stock front bar. All three settings on the Sport Rear are very useful if you attend track days, yet the bar itself is perfectly suitable for daily street use without any harsh ride effects of a larger bar."

Good times!

Update: I just noticed that there is a great review of this exact item on! (silly me for not checking first!)

Sunday, February 18, 2007

MINI Run = MINI Fun!

Went on a ~150 mile run with my MINI club this weekend. Too much fun! Kinda hard to be taking pictures at 100 MPH while driving! (need... co-pilot... hint, hint).

more photos...

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Hammer & Coop Episode 2: Dawn of Silverfox

I'm totally loving this! Talk about kitsch at it's finest!

Starsky, Magnum, Hasselhof, "K.I.T.T.", (err... that one dude from Miami Vice), and a fun infomercial all rolled into one! Growing up on this stuff I can say BSSP (MINI's ad agency) have certainly done their homework on 80's action cop genre. Classic stuff! Pity it's not available in podcast format (hint hint, MINIUSA!)

Hammer & Coop Episode 2: Dawn of Silverfox

(read more about "H&C" on

Hammer & Coop: The Series?

Previously on BushfingerMINI I posted about the "trailer/viralvid/wtf?" of Hammer & Coop.

Turns out the "Coming Soon" part, was real!

Landing in my InBox this morning was a link to the first two episodes. By the time I got home they're available on YouTube. If you're a MINI fan, you've probably seen them already (twice). If you're not, well, that's what I'm here for. :b:

Episode 1: The Clean Getaway
(Read more aboutr "H&C" on!)

Friday, February 09, 2007

Lookie What I Got! - Clear* Turn-Signal Bulbs

A couple days ago I took a look at my car and all of a sudden, the "fried-egg" front turn signals now bug the heck out of me!

This morning I decided today was the day I was going to do something about it. I checked NAM for insight. Lots of info, but not quite enough. I found a link to the perfect bulbs but didn't want to have to order anything. I didn't know if the "mod" was simple. The corresponding NAM thread provided some decent instructions- enough to motivate to go ahead do it. I went the to AutoZone website to see they had something in stock- but, no photo? (C'mon retailers- we want photos!)

I don't really like my local AutoZone so I went to Kragen instead. For once, Kragen didn't have what I was looking for, and AutoZone did (usually it's the other way around). So instead of ordering the $25 silver covered bulbs from, I got some "close-enoughs" for... $12! No shipping or waiting!
Popping them in was pretty simple. When the lights are on you can't tell the difference. When they're off- well, not exactly "clear", but much better than distracting orange "accents" . If I had known this was so simple I'd have done it months ago!

I wished there were better instructions on NAM so I wrote up my own:

The $12 bulbs I got from AutoZone: Sylvania "Silverstar" Part No. 1156A ST (edit: The actual part number is 7507AST, but those weren't in stock so I improvised)

Here's what it looks like in the box (there's only one bulb in this photo because I fitted the first one in the AutoZone parking lot).

Here's the back of the box.

Pop the hood bonnet and find the housing holder. This shot is the left signal, while leaning over the bumper looking into the hole. To remove- 1) turn it, 2) pull it! So simple for skinny-handed folks lke myself!

Here's the bulb in it's holder. Remove the OEM bulb. Also simple!

Replace it with the new bulb. Note: the pins on the side of the OEM are offset at 150-degrees. The pegs on the Sylvania are at 180. In other words, they don't match up precisely to the bulb holder- a little "dedication" and it fits right in. This shouldn't be an issue if you can secure the proper part.

Replace the bulb housing the same way you took it out- turn it til it locks into place.

Here's a before and after with the lights off:

Here's a before and after with the lights on:

*Not exactly "clear", there is almost no noticeable difference with the lights on. $12 and 10 minutes later, I'm a happy camper!
Sylvania "Silverstar" Part No. 1156A ST, 7507AST

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Blog Plug "twofer": and Blog and Store

No- not an avant garde public storage service with a propensity for broadband, is a blog *and* a store for the MINI fan. A quirky personal blog about all things MINI, and neat little shop to pick up some cool t-shirts, clock and more!

What a great concept! I've been checking out "" (a.k.a the " Directory"*) for a couple days now and feel like I've barely made a dent in it's extensive listing, yet at the same time, see all these sites I've been to in one place to and think, "wow- I guess I *am* a "MINIac"!" ""

*(as you say "'Scuse me- What is ""?)

Do you have an independent, MINI-related blog or website
you'd like to link up with BushfingerMINI? Click Here!

Lookie What I Got! MyMINI Knee Pad

"Acquired through a game of chance..." No- I'm kidding.

Not exactly a fan of leather, I recently got this MyMINI Knee Pad at a ridiculous deal from a private party who had purchased it and never used it (boy NAM is great for that!). It was such a no-brainer "install", it was in place about 2 minutes after I fetched it from the P.O. Box.

And it's such a natural addition, I totally forgot about until now! I could not do a better review than Gabe from so I'll just link to his review. (Although the updated version looks different than the one in this photo, I like this one better!)

(photo courtesy of

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Hammer & Coop?


(Someone please tell me this is a quirky viral video and not a real movie! Please?)

MINI Clubman Revealed? Eh...

With the typical misleading headline, the upcoming extended-wheelbase MINI "Clubman" is no surprise to the MINI enthusiast community. I mean, motoringfile has been discussing this in ungodly detail for over two years.

Add to that, "concept" models appearing at just about every auto show, and body-clad photos of test mules floating around for months, what's the news?

Aside from more recent, less-clad, and better quality photos now available at, once again I have to say, "eh?" Frankly I'm not diggin' it. Sure the third-door al a Saturn and split rear barn doors are kinda neat and allow for a lot of neat jokes. But aside from that, I'm personally not impressed. Could it be the "Volvo wagon with a Cooper front" profile, or is it simply that an extended-wheelbase MINI isn't, well, "mini"?

I'm sure MINI will sell thousands to soccer moms and Double-bass players though. What's next? an all-wheel-drive MINI? (blek!)

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