Saturday, February 03, 2007

MINI Clubman Revealed? Eh...

With the typical misleading headline, the upcoming extended-wheelbase MINI "Clubman" is no surprise to the MINI enthusiast community. I mean, motoringfile has been discussing this in ungodly detail for over two years.

Add to that, "concept" models appearing at just about every auto show, and body-clad photos of test mules floating around for months, what's the news?

Aside from more recent, less-clad, and better quality photos now available at, once again I have to say, "eh?" Frankly I'm not diggin' it. Sure the third-door al a Saturn and split rear barn doors are kinda neat and allow for a lot of neat jokes. But aside from that, I'm personally not impressed. Could it be the "Volvo wagon with a Cooper front" profile, or is it simply that an extended-wheelbase MINI isn't, well, "mini"?

I'm sure MINI will sell thousands to soccer moms and Double-bass players though. What's next? an all-wheel-drive MINI? (blek!)

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  1. Ah FINALLY ! ! ! Lets hear it for the double-bass MINI owning community!

  2. I actually know someone who easily fits a Cello in the hard-case in a MCS! :) And we won't get into how I've been known to squeeze two mountain bikes plus gear and people into mine! ;)

  3. Yeah, but one day you'll need to carry two mountain bikes and a cello....