Saturday, January 27, 2007

Detailing Day!

After I got my Detailing Kit, everyone said I needed to pickup Richard Lin's* DVD, "How-to use the PC (Porter Cable) for Showcar Results". (I was going to anyway, but thanks everyone!)

I watched the DVD three times in the first week. Only, the sound was down because I'm a chronic multi-tasker and was doing other things at the same time. I could see what the guy was doing and even with the sound down I was learning the "routine". Yesterday I threw it back in the player and played it with the audio up about 5 times in a row. But because I'm a chronic multi-tasker, I wasn't watching it! I could hear it fine though, and again, I was learning!

Last night I finally dedicated my attention to watching *and* hearing it at the same time. Twice even! After the second viewing it was about midnight so I went to bed, totally pumped and ready to polish and wax my MINI in the morning!

Well, lets just say I made a lot of "friends" today as several of my neighbors came to see what I was doing (I guess blue painter's tape all over a MINI and a whirring sound tends to attract attention). I had complete confidence in using the PC (the exact model in the video!), as well as my Meguiar's products. (again, the same products! who knew!) After repeated viewings of the lesson, I was confident that I knew the right technique to begin this project without even a test spot! What I didn't know was that it was going to take all day! However, thanks to the video, I got PERFECT RESULTS on my first try!

Not only that, I also got three inquiries on "how much I charge". I didn't mention this was my first time ever turning on a PC *or* waxing a car! (Not sure if I'll make a side gig out of it though- my back is killing me!)

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  1. wow - do you only detail Mini's? I'm a mini person who needs a Honda detail! And you need to do one half of the car at a time! :)

    Or detail so many of them that you condition your back to "deal" with it....