Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Lookie What I Got! Meguiars' Auto Detailing Kit

I rarely "impulse buy"- in fact my motto is "When you're constantly window shopping, nothing is an impulse buy!" (mental note- copyright that!). Sure I may have been drinking a couple hours when I saw this killer deal from autodetailingsolutions.com, but decided I had to jump on it! Check it out!

Package #2 DA Polisher NXT Speed Kit:

1 Meguiar's G100 Electric Dual Action Polisher (Lifetime Warranty)*
1 Backing Plate.
2 W8006 Foam Polishing Pad
1 W9006 Foam Finishing Pad
2 Super Plush Microfiber DA Bonnets
1 Meguiar's Clay Bar (Small)
1 M8032 Speed Glaze 32 oz.
1 G12718 NXT Tech Wax 18 oz. (Comes with 1 Applicator Pad)
1 G13224 NXT Speed Detailer 24 oz.
3 16 x 16 Microfiber Towels
1 Duffel Bag

*"Dual-action for professional results in minutes. Combine the right tool with the right technique and you'll achieve a finish of unmatched quality using Meguiar's machine-applied products. The tool you can pick up right here. Made especially for by Porter Cable, this variable-speed, dual-action polisher operates with alternating back-and forth motions that mimic the sensation of hand polishing. This popular user friendly machine is excellent for safely removing stubborn fine scratches and achieving swirl free results!"

Neat huh!! Only, now... I gotta pick up OctaneGuy's DVD on how to use it! I can't wait for winter to be over!

PS: Please don't tell my girlfriend. Oh yeah-
I don't have one! :)


  1. Anonymous6:11 AM

    d'oh! Someone went shopping.. Hey it's Jan (jsmile70) from livejournal.. I saw your post on NAM and just had to comment on your box of goodies. It looks like my MINI wasn't the only one that got spoiled with new products. Enjoy! :)

  2. Anonymous7:31 AM

    Very nice! As I posted on NAM (OctaneGuy), you're off to a great start in maintaining your MINI. But tell me, I thought you are from SoCal where we don't have winters?? LOL.

  3. re: "I thought you are from SoCal where we don't have winters?? LOL..."

    true- however i'm in the part of SoCal where "winter" means 40-60mph winds. i.e. "dust storm"

  4. Now I need an Electric Dual Action Polisher, and I don't even have a car....

    The one action I understand, it's second one that confuses me. Does it come with a manual?


  5. Ted Fisher said

    "The one action I understand, it's second one that confuses me. Does it come with a manual?"

    Manual? Oh yeah- that paper thingy. I should really read that. From the Meguiar's site:

    "...Meguiar’s® Dual Action Polisher greatly reduces the amount of time it takes to apply paint cleaners, polishes and protection products and produces results far superior to applying these products by hand. And because of its dual action - rotation and orbit, you never have to worry about burning the paint..."

    Note: I didn't realize just what a deal I actually got on this "kit" until going to the Meguiar’s® site to see that the PC aka Porter Cable, aka G100 is MSRP'd at over what I got the entire package for. Niceness! :b:

  6. That's a pretty nice kit. The G100 is good, but once you are ready to graduate to a rotary polisher, take a look at the SYSTEM ONE X3 kit. Unbeatable! Complete newbies can learn this system in like 15 minutes. Watch the videos on this page:
    DetailingGurus.com Link