Friday, June 30, 2006

A MINI IS SOLD! (sort of)

Well it looks like the ol' Coop is just about sold! And by sold, I mean, I got an offer today I could live with.

Not necc. the "best" offer, or what I'd hoped, or what I could possibly pull in with more haggling (and time). I could have haggled over a brand new windshield, or new brakes, or new clutch, or chrome or floor mats or AUX input or spankin new tires... Yeah- If i wanted to stand in the sun for another couple hours (it was literally 100 degrees by the time I received an acceptable offier!)

However, a solid, reliable, offer with a valid checking account? Considering that my 06 should be arriving in six-to-eight days, I guess I can't pass it up. Now for final prep:

  • swap aftermarket tires and wheels for OEM tires and wheels
  • final cleanup and clearing out of personal effects
  • sneaking away a few accoutrements that no one should notice, and
  • planting a couple "easter eggs" (Why am I the only one that thinks that is cool?)
  • figuring out how I'm gonna get home and to to work for the next week?!?!?

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