Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Dale Earnhardt Jr.'s MINI Cooper S is on eBay?!?

One day this link will be dead, but what the heck!


"The car dynoed at 223 to the ground, which, when the 20% loss through the drivetrain is calculated, is actually 269.9 at the flywheel. The pulley is a 17% which is what was suggested for daily driving. The head and intake were ported and polished with new stainless valves. The cams were changed. The header/exhaust system was changed, the injectors were upsized and the computer was remapped. The springs, struts, brakes and sway bars were changed. The larger brakes required the larger wheels for clearance..."

Note: Auction closes/closed Jun 29, 2006

But the coolest part?! Pure Silver/Black baby!

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