Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BMW 1-series, or a MINI?

While the MINI universe all abuzz about the 2008 MINI Clubman, BMW managed to sneak in a 1-series coupe/hatch into production for the US Market for 2008 as well.

image borrowed from autospies.com

It's getting nice ink on Motoringfile.com and other websites but I thought I'd give my personal take on what will be the "entry-level BMW", replacing the MINI, which only BMW owners consider an entry into the BMW brand. (That's my opinion, anyway.)

I don't necessarily like or dislike BMWs. They look nice. I hear they drive well but I've never been in one. I'd likely drive one if it were given to me for free. Alas, BMWs are the opposite of free. Current speculation is that a reasonably spec'd 1-series will come in somewhere near $40,000. Forty grand people! You know what I could do with forty grand? I'll tell you what:

A friend of mine has ordered his 2007 (R56) MINI Cooper S. It's got basically everything you can put on a MINI. (before aftermarket mods, that is). That's a whopping $38k. So, which would you rather have? An entry-level, no frills BMW, or a topped out MINI? I know what I'd take! :)

What car would you get with $40,000?

The BMW 1-series on:


  1. Anonymous5:02 PM

    I'd take a Nissan 350Z Track edition...OR an over priced used Toyota Supra and use the left over money to mod it up to some rediculous amount of horse power (1500 or so?)

  2. Yeah, I'd definitely get more on my R56, but I would still be way under the $40K. The left over money would go to a nice vacation, maybe Maui.

  3. My wifes new BMW 330 convertible is quite nice - loads more space than the MINI; I haven't driven it to know if it's as enjoyable as my GP, but there's definitely no real "community" with BMWs.

    To me, that 1 series just doesn't look nice!
    The 350Z is so cramped inside - worse than a MINI - so that's off my list. Front wheel drive will be preferable to RWD in New England winters ... so I'd probably spend that $40K on a seriously well spec'ed Clubman :)

  4. Anonymous12:57 PM

    Owned a 3 series BMW, Traded it in for my MCS and never looked back. No contest in quality and thrill....I still consider my move to the MINI as a trade up. Any BMW owner who considers the MINI as an entry level BMW has built the Pyramid upside down!