Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Funny Thing Happened On the Way Home...

I was reading an interesting post on NAM this morning (IB4TL!). I had a similar incident recently but I didn't think much of until I read the post. Borrowing from the OP's text:

"I am sitting at a stop light (on an abandoned airstrip with no current traffic laws ) and a brand new (looking) Nissan 350z pulls up next to me. Funky goldish color, dealer/paper plates, big shiny rims, aero kit, Nismo stickers, the works.

...The dude driving quickly looks over at me and then turns to say something funny to the cute girl sitting in the passenger seat who starts laughing a little...

While he is running his pie hole, I am casually and non chalantly pretending I don't see what's coming up on my right, about 1/4 mile behind us.

....As soon as the traffic light turns yellow for the crossing traffic (uh... old abandon airport equipment ), he starts reving his big V8. "I knew it" I yelled to myself in my MINI. The Meat Head in the Nissan wants to show off for his chick and pick on the little guy...

I politely turn down my stereo and increased my revs, acknowleding the invite to an unsanctioned contest of speed.

The light goes green; he punches it through the intersection, I pause for a moment before letting the clutch out and ease through the intersection "granny style". A police cruiser "appears out of nowhere" (), lights up the red and blues, weaves through a few cars, and pulls over the Nissan before he reaches the next light.

I *really really* wanted to roll down my window and give him a thumbs up as I passed. I mean, really! Alas, my faith in karmic justice would not allow it. (Does posting it on my blog count?)

I love my MINI, and my MINI knows his place. (It may have been a different story had I not satisfied my need for speed earlier that day, on the twisty backroads of North San Diego County.)

See you on the twisties!

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  1. Anonymous9:36 PM

    crazy - i forgot about the fact that you have super karma. But I'll never go on the twisties with you!