Sunday, August 13, 2006

MINI Mileage and Gas Chart (real vs estimate)*

As we all know, the MPG stated on car adverts and informational publications are "estimates"- quite liberal ones at that, and rarely reflect typical driving conditions. And while the folks over at are having a contest for "Best MPG"-- I knew I wasn't even going to try to win this one!

But since I've been tracking my MPG since three cars ago (it's what I do), I thought I'd play along in a round-about way with this brief reality check:

The "estimated MPG" for the 2006 MINI Cooper S:

The MINI "official estimates- are about as accurate as the MSRP!

Now, compare this to the following spreadsheet of fill ups since I picked up "Mr. Bigglesworth" approx. one month ago...

(Odometer / gallons of previous fill-up = MPG)

As expected, the highest MPG (Row 6) represents a mostly-highway trip of about 300 miles. Other numbers shown are a result of either "4-minute commutes" or stop-and-go freeway traffic oh so typical to SoCal... And of course, I was within the break-in period until August 7 (Row 4)- and who knows what effect that may have had...

Rows 2-5 also reflect the addition a K&N Cold-Air-Intake- A mod which has never been confused with better gas mileage, but does not seem to have a significant bearing on fuel efficiency)...

Since I have the data, the second set of numbers (Row 11-15) are included for comparision- This is from my 2003 Cooper (non-S)...

(While I don't log it- simple math will show that we're paying ~$3.40-3.50 a gallon out here now! Ouchie!)

So while Wingnut, DB, and the WRR gang get their smack-talk on, I'll just enjoy my "rocket-car"... and see you at the pump!

*As they say, "your mileage may vary"

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