Sunday, August 20, 2006

A Guy Can Only Take So Much!

As MINI owners (or, as a warning to prospective MINI owners), we expect that people will wave at us and want to ask about the car. It's not just an urban really happens!!

Now, I don't mind talking to people i don't know and answering the same questions over and over. Actually, i do mind, but it goes with the territory. But the fascination over a MINI only goes so far. Keep in mind- the MINI = kid magnet:

When i went to my mom's house the other day and the 9 y/o kid stuck his greasy nose up to the drivers' side window, i laughed...

When the 2nd kid rode his bike around it three times- checking out my car, not watching where he was riding, and **way too close** i cringed...

But when the 3rd kid walked up and stuck his hand in my "mail slot"?!?!? By then i was wishing it had an auto-sensing guillotine in there! (not really. wait- really!)

I so need a garage.


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