Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hometown Snobbery?!?!*

Only two blocks from my house, I was excited to see another new Pure Silver (no Black) MINI Cooper S in my own stomping ground:

At opposite sides of the intersection, I "wink" (flash high-beams)- nothing... I wave profusely- nothing... I get the green, pass by slowly, roll down the window. Two feet away, I give the thumbs up... She looks over, eye-contact. NOTHING! What the?!?!


*For those just joining us,... Yes- you are supposed to wave at other MINI drivers!


  1. Yeah, I get the same thing all the time - I also have a Pure Silver Mini...And live here in San Diego, but not too many 'friendly' Mini owners that will wave back at ya!

    I'll be sure to drop a sign or something if you catch me, can't miss the CSPR 42 euro plate on the front and swoosh stripe along with my beloved Yakima rack that I took off my truck when I traded it in at Irvine Mini for Baby Huey...

  2. Anonymous12:13 PM

    I agree! Not a lot of MINI owners wave back. I live in San Diego too and well, let's just say that only 4-5 MINI owners actually waved or waved back. So disappointing.