Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Another Stolen MINI*

I had another dream my MINI was stolen*... but this time it was entirely my fault...

I had decided to take it to the car wash in the university parking lot in between classes... you know- the kind where you give them your keys, and it's run through on a conveyor belt...

The attendant took my keys, and as it went into the wash, I remembered i was late for class! So off I run to class! Going up the 4 flights of stairs i keep running into people i know... some of them i even liked... "idle chatter okay gotta go bye"...

During class (whose content was oddly was passed over in the dream) all i could think of was, "dammit- i gotta go get my car!..." End of class finally! I jump up and prepare to head down the stairs, out the building, and across the parking lot to retrieve my wet and soapy MINI!!

Dammit! More people I know! And they all want to talk to me! People i like and want to talk to, as well as people i don't like and don't want to talk to. I rush through hellos and remember me's and how you beens and hey i gotta go get my car laters about 10 times!

Finally i get to the other end of the university parking lot and to the car wash. i run over to where they come out the other end- and there it is- a Chili Red Ford Pickup? (w/ a white roof and bonnet stripes and chrome grill no less!) WTF!?

I try to find someone to talk to but they're all busy changing tires and such on the lifts (yeah- in the university parking lot). I can't find anyone that knows anything about where my MINI is... I wake up... PISSED OFF!!

*Man, I think about that car waaay too much!

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