Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Tales of the Weird But True #2: The Runaway Cavalier

Last night as I was writing up my previous "Tales of the Weird But True" post, an equally odd event occurred. Namely...

I'm sitting @ the computer typing away about the strange event that had occurred just hours prior, when, from outside I hear a crashing sound. It sounded a lot like someone plowing into the wooden cabinetry that makes up the back wall of the car port. "How on earth could someone manage to do that?" I thought. I soon forgot about it so I could get my epic tome posted at a normal hour, since I had to get up at 5am the next day.

A few minutes later I hear the rumble and chain-drag of what sounded like a tow-truck. "Tow-truck?" I thought. Alas my curiousity had been piqued! I got up and peeked out my curtain like nosey Mrs. Kravitz. "WHAT THE?!" I thought! It wasn't a two truck at all!

It turns out- someone did manage to plow into the car port! What I saw from my awkward vantage point: A broken windshield, deployed front airbags, a flat tire, and a variety of leaking fluids. There was an older gentleman looking confused and holding his eye. And many many on-lookers. And no tow truck. I'm guessing that the dragging sound was from them trying to back the car out a bit to assess the damage.

So, how bizarre is that?! I have no idea how you manage to floor it into a stationary object while driving in straight line! I'm no expert but from the amount of damage, the driver had to be going at least 15-20 miles per hour directly into a solid, stationary object! Fortunately the whole thing occurred 2 carports away from mine and all the glass and liquids and onlookers- went the opposite way.

And no photos. :(

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