Sunday, June 03, 2007

"Runaway Cavalier" Update

Through an unsolicited update, I have received more info on the Runaway Cavalier! As it turns out, our frazzled gentleman was teaching his daughter to drive.

In a crowded, apartment complex, even. Niiiiiice!

Father: "This is the brake. It makes the car stop. This is the gas. It makes the car go."
Daughter: "Which one is this again?"


  1. mike c.7:33 AM

    When teaching my oldest daughter how to drive I took her to a business parking lot on the weekend. Even with no one around she still almost managed to put the car through a wall. She thought that taking her foot off the gas would make the car stop by itself. In my increasingly worried voice I was saying stop, stop and all it did was fluster her more. She hit the brake just after we jumped the sidewalk.

  2. i'm suddenly reminded that that i will be teaching my 19 y/o sister to drive this summer. *ack!*