Thursday, July 20, 2006

When You Dream your MINI is Stolen, Does it Count as a Nightmare?

[post dream observation in brackets]:

[Scene One:]
It's night time and I drove to my mom's house to show off my new MINI!

I park in the driveway behind her car- a gold sedan that looks like a Taurus or Intrepid [she would never drive one in real-life]. I go into the house...

[Scene Two, inside the house]

We walk down the hallway into the entry-way. As I open the front door, my mom is behind me as we're about to go check out my new ride. Looking out toward the driveway, I see someone walking from the street, across our driveway heading into the neighbor's yard. I don't think much of it, but turn around to say "hey mom- who's that walking through your driveway?" I turn back just in time to see my car heading down the street at "drive it like you stole it" speed!

I freak out accordingly. [*smirk*]

Just as my car is zipping out of view [and we figure out exactly what just happened], we see a shadow coming from the driveway, as if someone is getting into my Mom's car...

My mom walks toward the driveway and points a flashlight it into her car saying "hello, may I help you?"

A guy gets out of the car and POINTS A GUN at us!?!

My mom freaks out, saying "heeey.... take it easy now" and aims the flashlight into the perps eyes [you know- like the cops do!]...

"The Perp" says something indistinguishable, and about five other people appear from the bushes- each with a handgun or rifle pointed at us!

What do I do? I turn on the sprinklers! [of course! wtf?!] Everybody runs!


man- I woke up, so pissed off! Then I got up and checked to make sure my car was still in its parking spot. Whew! Still there. I went back to bed, and got up to check again. about 10 minutes later. Great. Now I can't sleep! WEAAAAAAKKK!!

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