Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Friends Let Friends Drive MINIs

One week in the new MINI and whats NOT to love?!

So far, so good- No dings or tickets! I'm starting to get a better "feel" for it, and gave Mr. B his first "bauth". I still say it's waaay different than driving an '03 Cooper!

So of course I couldn't wait to let my friend drive it. My favorite comments (man, i wish I'd had a tape recorder!) :

"Ooh- you probably don't want to let me to drive this too much"

"I can definately feel the difference in power [from the Cooper]"

(child in the back says) "Mommy, how fast are you driving?!"

But my favorite comment of all (that my co-workers are already sick of hearing):

"Cars like this- shouldn't be allowed on the road!"


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