Saturday, January 31, 2009

Hello World, Again.

And we're back...

Okay all kidding aside, "Bushfinger MINI" went dark for awhile there, but not for a lack of content. In fact, there are much rumblings in the MINI world- enough to garner the attention of a couple thousand blogs and text-based media sites. For awhile there I tried to bring you the latest news and information about our beloved MINI brand, which basically made me one of the other thousands of sites re-purposing Press Releases over and over (ex: I read a review of the 2009 Clubman today- that's been out for how long?)

In its original state, "Bushfinger MINI" was simply intended to chronicle the antics and musings of a MINI Cooper owner (yes, yours truly). Over time I found I had a fascination with MINI Cooper casualties and began archiving stories of stolen and wrecked MINIs and the photos that go along with them. After awhile this got a bit too morbid, especially on the rare occasion someone dies in one of these incidents.

I moved toward media legitimacy by covering the hard stories that made the press. Then the price of fuel in the U.S. skyrocketed. Good gas mileage and "small cars" became hip; The MINI brand was making huge changes in their mantra and model line up. Put the two together and soon the MINI brand became a darling of the media. I began to notice that for every story that was about, for, or alluded to the MINI brand, it was covered by 2000 websites for weeks at a time (this might be the same for other brands/industries, but I don't don't know because I don't care). I made a conscious decision to not recover/repost that which is out there in droves, and/or covered by sites and writers much better and more prolific than I (cough*motoringfile*cough). Hence the darkness.

But, it's a new year and with that comes new goals and one of mine is to keep up the posts on Bushfinger MINI. That's right. You thought you got rid of me, didn't you? I'm going back to my roots and returning to the concept of writing about what I know- Me, my MINI, and related events. And the occasional news story I find particularly interesting.

Here's a recent photo of the MINI right after a 7-hour detailing session (which would have made a great blog entry had I thought of it at the time!)


  1. Hello, I'm TwistyBitz. I had lost your connection but by accident found your blog at another MINI blog. I too have been trying to do something other than what MotoringFile does so well. I have no connections within the official MINI ranks so I just post whatever feels fun.

    I just put checks on the rear spoiler of my '04 MCS and will be posting pics on that soon. What a pain that was!

    I noticed you have my store as a link on your blog roll but I may be closing it so if you have time I'd put this link [ ] for TwistyBlitz, my blog, in instead. I'll add your blog to my list in the next week and have added it to my AM blog run bookmark list I do every AM to see what's going on in MINI-dom.


  2. BTW... by the house I'm guessing you may live in California. I live in SoCal near Pasadena. Member of SCMM?

  3. Hello RB!

    #1: I have updated the link to your "Twisty Blog"! Thanks for the correction. :)

    #2: I am actually *not* a member of SCMM, although, just about everyone I know is! (I joined "West Coast MINIs" because at the time I was prety confident I would be relocating to the San Diego area. Someday... *sigh*) :)

  4. How's things in West Coast MINI? SCMM is so full of members it's, sometimes, crazy.

    Thanks for the update on my link... I'll do yours next week.