Wednesday, May 05, 2010

MINI Roadster/Coupé - Only $2,200 a month!*

Today's MotoringFile article implies that the Roadster and Coupe should be available sometime in 2011.  I anticipate one to teeter on the $41k mark the way I would want it equipped.  Since I definitely intend to purchase one,  if I wanted to pay cash in full, I'll have to sock away about $2,200 a month starting now!

For the sake of math, I spec'd out a topped out 2010 JCW Clubman at $42,595.  To get a payment in a reasonable amount of around $600, I'm looking at a $10,000 down payment!  That's only around $500 a month I'll need to shove under the mattress, post haste!   EEK!!

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