Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Weirdest Thing: Truck Hits Street Light, and Then?...

This morning I was coming home from the tire shop and made a wrong turn getting to the freeway, which placed me in the part-of-town-you-dont-want-to-be-in part of town. Driving through a residential neighborhood, I witnessed a Tacoma make a way too fast right turn and *BAM!* Slams straight into the lightpole!

It freaked me about a bit- I've seen photos and movie scenes, but have never seen a head on collision into a lightpole happen in real life/real time. Radiator pops, steam comes out, oil drips, you know- just like in the movies. The passenger gets out holding his head and cursing in spanish. The driver gets out and he's yelling too- they both start yelling at each other, walking in front of and pointing to the front of the truck. The passenger calls the driver an "effing idiot" and says something about needing to learn how to drive (in spanish). The driver says "f**k you mother f**cker" in spanish and then get this- throws his open bottle of beer at the passenger! Did I mention its about 10:15 am?! :eek:

The two are yelling at each other in the middle of the street, meanwhile the truck continues to spew steam and oil. In the split second I turned away to look at the truck, the two dudes get in a brawl in the middle of the street! I'm sooo wishing I had my video camera, but am now parked in the middle of the street, keeping a safe distance away. But here's the weirdest part of all: Since this is that side of town, of course the obligatory 4-5 punks-hanging-out-on-the-corner were hanging out on the corner. The lightpole was about 6-8 feet from where they stood, and during the entire ordeal from the crash to the yelling, to the fighting, they didn't flinch a bit! They also didn't call 911, try to see if anyone was okay, or try to break up the fight. They didn't even laugh. They just stood there. And that freaked me out!

I was going to snap some pics with my iPhone, but the truth is, I really didn't want to be on that street any longer than I had to! (Some photo-journalist I'd make, eh?)

(not a photo of the actual incident)

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  1. Wow!

    What makes me laugh most ... "not a photo of the actual incident"!