Thursday, July 10, 2008

MINImus Omnibus: News at a Glance

It's been kinda dead the last few days on Bushfinger MINI- certainly not due to a lack of MINI related news, but moreso a combination of 1) yours truly relocating to new abode (i forgot how much moving sucks), 2) a deluge of over-recycled news (mostly old news to MINIacs), and 3) quite frankly, all the other "big" MINI news, seems to be a tad bit over-covered lately.

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Here are a few recent bits I find somewhat interesting that may or may not already be posted on 100 other blogs:

LA Times writes: "American drivers should consider themselves lucky -- try $9.85 a gallon in Oslo."

MINI among Mercedes-Benz E320 and Tesla Roadster in "Fuel-Efficient Cars You Actually Want to Drive"
"With the current economic downturn, increasingly high fuel prices and a growing concern for the environment, many of today's drivers are embracing fuel efficient or 'green vehicles. We want to educate consumers on the few vehicles that are not only Earth-friendly, but also stylish and exhilarating to drive."..."

More Clubman Reviews?? nah- I'll skip it.
[If you must, here are about 1,150,000 at]

Truck overturns, Mini-Cooper stays on its wheels after collision
Santa Paula Police are investigating a two-vehicle collision that left a truck overturned - but a Mini-Cooper on its wheels - Friday evening, blocking a busy intersection..."

Clubmans Make Moms Hot
"The mom-reviewers here at have recommendations for (mostly) functional family cars that can make you look and feel as hot as the summer sun..."

"Clubmans Post Up!" unwittingly collects the coolest Clubman photos on the web...

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