Wednesday, July 30, 2008

"Keys and Car Stolen as Mum and I Slept"

[Ed. note: I read stories like this one every day... For some reason I am compelled to post this one.]

By Gina Marden,

"A YOUNG woman has been left devastated after burglars stole her car after breaking into her home.

Sherri Saunders, 20, saved up for three years for the 2002 Mini Cooper S which she only enjoyed for three weeks before it was taken.

The shop assistant and model had been saving since passing her driving test. Her dad, Paul, discovered the car was missing from their driveway when he returned from work.

Sherri, 20, of Pound Lane, Bowers Gifford, said: “I was in shock at first and then what happened started to kick in a couple of days later.”

Her dad Paul, 48, added: “I just feel destroyed for her. She’s been crying every day. It’s so unfair.”

Paul is offering £1,000 for information given to police which leads to the return of the car..."

[the part that makes me laugh, sort of]

"...Detectives are still looking for the Mini, which was grey with a black roof and black stripes on the bonnet which continue on to the bumper."
Gee- that narrows it down!

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