Monday, June 02, 2008

Life Ball 2008 MINI [Video]

Yep, again with the Agent Provocateur MINI... but, it's so hot! Or is it the women?

Here's some heartwarming text to offset any NSFW guilt you may be experiencing:

The Life Ball MINI is traditionally designed by the fashion designer to whom the fashion show at the opening event is dedicated - in 2008 this was the English lingerie label Agent Provocateur. The starting point chosen for the exclusive one-off design was the new MINI Clubman. Agent Provocateur, founded by Serena Rees and her husband Joseph Corre, son of fashion doyenne Vivienne Westwood, is known for its wicked, burlesque collections - and this year’s Life Ball MINIM was designed accordingly.

"We really enjoyed giving the MINI Clubman our unique brand look. The new shape of the MINI is so reminiscent of the old Mini police car that we immediately came up with the idea of giving the interior a makeover in the Agent Provocateur style, so that you’d actually want to be arrested. The classic exterior has been pepped up a little, using the Agent Provocateur signature colours of Pink and Black and finished off with a pink flashing light. Inside there is a truly seductive prison cell which is fitted out with leather loops as manacles that are attached directly to the walls, as well as mirrored windows and metallic prison bars.

"Always under the assumption that the long arm of the law requires plenty of space when questioning a prisoner, we fitted our Agent Provocateur police MINI Van with couch seats in the back and leg restraints for forensic examinations. The quilted leather seats and tailor-made compartments for notebook and pen, the Agent Provocateur MINI police car is the perfect vehicle for finding a criminal’s hidden treasures, don’t you think?" says Joseph Corre, founder of lingerie label Agent Provocateur.

The designer MINI 2008 made its debut in front of 40,000 spectators at this year’s Life Ball in Vienna’s town hall square. Escorted by four models, with Joseph Corre at the wheel and Sophie Ellis Bextor as the front-seat passenger, the Life Ball MINI 2008 opened the fantastic show on Vienna’s town hall square.

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