Monday, June 02, 2008

Clubman, xB, and Smart ForTwo- compared?

Tell me did not just compare the 2008 model MINI Cooper Clubman, Scion xB, and Smart ForTwo?!

How on earth could they? I mean, these models have nothing in common. Well, except for each counting as "Iconic". Or as writers put it,

"Some cars are merely popular, like the Toyota Camry, while others have a rabid following in which the car is more than just a car. The three cars below fall into the latter category, and we're here to see which has the best odds to win over the hearts and minds of its owners."

Okay- I'll accept that. With categories like "Biggest head-turner" and "Cabin aesthetics", this is not your typical comparison. And the results may astound you!

Visit for a complete, and admittingly- quite unique look at three otherwise totally uncomparible 2008 models.

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