Sunday, March 02, 2008

What happens at AMVIV stays at AMVIV!

"What's an AMVIV?" you say? Why, only the largest gathering of Mini and MINI Cooper enthusiasts this side of the Mississippi! (I kinda made that up, but it's probably true!)

"AMVIV 5": March 27-30, 2008

Officially, AMVIV is "A MINI VACATION IN VEGAS!" Cool cars, cool people, exciting "runs" and related events, located in the heart of "America's Playground", who can resist?!?

As of this posting, there are about 350 cars and over 500 individuals registered for this 3-day event. If you have the time and a MINI you should seriously consider it! If you're in the area and curious what a parking garage full of MINIs looks like, you should pop in!

photo by: gbridger

Aah- don't believe me? Okay, that's cool. Perhaps a couple thousand photos will sway you?! ;)

NOTE: I am not a shill for AMVIV- I'm just ridiculously excited to go for a third year in a row!

My personal AMVIV 2007 Gallery

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