Thursday, March 20, 2008

Giants champion pimps the MINI Wienermobile

This one is quickly making the rounds throughout the MINI community, but as a NY Giants fan, I couldn't *not* cover it too!

Michael Strahan at the wheel of the Mini Wienermobile.

[adapted from the NY Times article]:

"Mr. Strahan squeezed his 6’5” frame behind the wheel of the new Mini Wienermobile, a smaller, sportier version of Oscar Mayer’s somewhat famous Wienermobile... his knees wedged beneath the dashboard, [he] flashed his broad gap-toothed smile as he eased the car into gear, moving through the cordoned-off lane at about the same speed at which one might walk back to the huddle after an incomplete pass..."

Read the full story on the New York Times website:

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  1. Must be a hell of a job to check the oil!