Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Side-by-side Comparison: 2006 MINI, Honda, Scion, VW

Somehow I ended up on the Kelly Blue Book site again!! I don't know why- I'm not buying or selling anything... While there I ended up clicking the "compare" button. The results are as expected, MINI COOPERS KICK ASS in almost every area!

I'm not saying each of these cars are equally equipped, because frankly, I wouldn't know. But, with equal mileage:

cricka por photo mas grande

Used Car Blue Book, Private Party:
  • '06 MINI COOPER S: $21,895.00 (mpg:25/32)
  • '06 HONDA CIVIC DX: $13,510.00 (mpg:30/40)
  • '06 SCION TC: $15,880.00 (mpg:22/29)
  • '06 VW: GTI: $16,620.00 (mpg: 22/29)
Again, don't bash me for comparing cars that aren't in the same "league"- seems to think they are!

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