Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Game Review: Mini Desktop Racing (Wii)

This review of "Mini Desktop Racing" for the Nintendo Wii was sent to me by a colleague and fellow MINI owner.* Having never heard of the game until now, how do I discuss the review without giving it away?

"Mini Desktop Racing is a single and multi-player racing game with a top down view, much like "Micro Machines". Every level challenges the player to find the best way of navigating through the obstacles and special interactive items."
Or, one of my favorite opening statements of all time:
"[Mini Desktop Racing] is brought to Wii by Conspiracy Entertainment and Dada Design Interactive, the same people that also released such budget titles as Ninja Bread Man and the aforementioned Offroad Extreme."

For the full review, I now direct you toward the full IGN review. The results just may surprise you!

*Thanks Griff!

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