Wednesday, November 28, 2007

What is your Carbon Footprint?

And by "your" I actually mean your vehicle. Mine is, like $18/3.2 tons of CO2/year. I guess that's pretty good?!

"[My] car outputs a moderate amount of carbon each year. If all the drivers in [my] range contributed we would offset a million tons of CO2..."

Whats yours?
(don't mind the 'dub...)


  1. Well today was like this:

    Walk 1/2 mile to subway. Subway from Upper East Side to Bronx. Walk 1/2 mile to classroom.

    Later, walk 1/2 mile back. Subway to midtown. Walk two blocks.

    Later, walk two blocks. Subway to Upper East Side. Walk 1/2 mile home.

    So what's my carbon footprint?

  2. A more in-depth "footprint calculator" is available at:

    This allows you to include additional factors such as electrical, gas, and coal usage, as well as air and subway travel.

    I feel so tree-huggery! :)