Thursday, October 25, 2007

How To: Rear Badge Removal [PICS]

In a fit of boredom inspiration, I decided to remove the rear badging from my beloved MINI (To take photos of the process was an afterthought. Sorry for the crappy cellphone quality).

The rear badge we know and love...

Step One: Tape off with Painter's Tape (optional but recommended)...

Dental Floss (The cheap kind. Don't use this.)

Step Two: Floss Gently.

Trivia: Floss goes through fingernails better than double-sided tape...

The process continues...

Badge Removed. But you're not done yet!...

The aftermath... Rear Badge, preserved for future use; and about 3 feet of (cheap) dental floss...

Back to work on the tape... Don't use this! (duh)

Plastic scraper from "goo-gone" kit. Better? (note the question mark)

Step Three: Wet & Scrape, repeat as needed...

Looking good! (but only because you can't see the scratches left behind! Grrrr!)...

Step Four: Cut & Polish... (this did not remove the scratches completely!) :(

Wax on, wax off... (Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax, not shown)

The result:

Estimated time: 15-30 minutes.

Supplies used:
  • Blue Painter's Tape
  • Dental Floss
  • Goo-gone® kit (liquid & scraper)
  • Meguiar's Speed Glaze + applicator
  • Meguiar's NXT Tech Wax (not shown) + microfiber
Tips I learned: If you have all the correct supplies BEFORE you begin, you can probably crank it out in about 15 minutes.

Things I wish I knew before I started: How the heck do you remove the double-sided tape remnants without leaving scratches?


  1. I did mine using dental floss without the tape. On one of the "O"s I pried it off before I was all the way through the double sided tape and the plastic "O" left a very small little dent in the paint. Not really noticeable except to me. I used alcohol and my fingers and fingernails to remove the tape. It left no residue and there were no scratches. It did take a little time though.

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