Monday, October 15, 2007

Dead Key Fix. Best MINI Tip Ever! (so far)

A NAM* member writes:

" key stopped working in that the remote lock/unlock feature is not working... Can I fix this myself, or must I take the key to the dealer?"

Now of course, if you ask the dealer, he might say "...and that's $200 for the new key, $50 for re-programming, and you can pay the girl at the desk."

Thankfully we've got InterWeb®, with the power to connect like-minded people(s). And we all know by now there is never a problem someone has not already experienced and written about. And this is where "Steve" comes in (if that is his real name).

Steve responds with:
"The problem is that one of your keys lost it's association with the car. It is not a dead or defective battery. It has happened to me twice in the past year. You need to have all the keys with you when you get in the car. Step 1..."
Sure I could copy, paste, and repost the whole breakdown here, but that would be a) rude, b) stealing (sort of), and c) not giving our buddy Steve his "props" (my staff make me say that).

*Go read the 4 minute solution yourself over at You'll be glad you did. And when you need to use it, tell Steve "thanks"!

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  1. brachtbeater4:13 PM

    The programming works but sometimes the key is dead and will not program. I cut mine open with a exacto knife and tested the battery which was fine. So I put in some foam to increase the pressure on the battery contacts and presto it reprogrammed and is now fine.