Friday, August 17, 2007

Courteous Interruptus?

I'm washing my car the other day as I do quite often- and the new maintenance guy walks over and tells me "joo cain wash jour car here man". (hey- that's how he said it!) I said okay and kept washing anyway. I saw him a couple days later and I took the initiative to let him know I wasn't "dissing" him the other day, but was in a hurry.

He said everything was cool but he had to say something because he's been telling everyone else too. I let him know it was cool on my end too, but that, although I know the complex was sold (again) and they changed out the management company (again) and fired the other maintenance guy for no reason (again), "i've lived here 10 years- and you are the first person to ever say anything [about me washing my car in the spot i wash my in]". He laughs.

I politely let him know that the next time he sees me washing my car in that same spot, it's not that i'm disrepecting him, i just don't care-- no wait- I *thought* that! What I actually said was something like "if anyone asks, I'll let them know you told me I couldn't wash my car here. You know- so you don't get in trouble".

Reason #89 why I seriously need to move from this place. :(

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