Friday, March 02, 2007

MINI Mileage Update

Like we tend to do 'round here, it's the next edition of the MINI MILEAGE CHART!

As posted previously, I track my mileage and gas usage diligently (If only I applied this to the rest of my life!). Like most people, the polar opposites of when/why/where/how I drive has a major effect on MPG (a whole 5 minutes to work, and 200+ freeway miles on the weekends? yeah- erratic, I know).

The numbers speak for themselves. well, assuming I know how to use Excel correctly...

On paper, the the 2006 MINI Cooper S gets 25 (city) to 32 (hwy). But we all know that's not true! However, it was pretty neat getting almost 350 miles on one tank! (This particular pump-to-pump experience included a nice 100+ mile"spirited" run.)


  1. 470 miles on one tank in GPMINI during MTTS ;)