Monday, November 20, 2006

How Do I Put This? - Episode III

And now, the continuing saga of, "How Do I Put This?"...

I'm a pretty patient guy, but it's officially been "one week without the MINI". So I put on my best, "considerate and patient" voice, and call the good Dr. Wyatt...

me: "hey good morning- i just wanted to see if you thought you'd be done before or after the long weekend?"

dr w: "we're still waiting on the parts- and we're closed on thursday and friday. once we get those in it should be about 4-5 working days... so, yeah, after the long weekend."*

So, how *do* I put this? How about "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHRRRGGGHHHH!!!"

Sure I've got "partial rental reimbursement", but who's got (partial) money for a rental car for another week- or longer?! *I'm trying to be patient, but "Express Service" my ass. (She should have never said "in and out-in about a week". )

Tune in for the next episode where you might hear Bushfinger say, "So- does this come with a CD Player?"

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