Friday, November 17, 2006

How Do I Put This? - Episode II

For those just joining us, you missed a lot in episode one of "How Do I Put This?"...

Today I got my repair estimate from the body shop (had to bicycle over to the P.O Box!)

All I can say is, "Wow!" I've either got great insurance, or the body shop is seriously padding the tab! (Then again, this is my first accident in 15 years of driving and the shop is "five -star" rated!) With 62 items on the list (yeah 62!!!!) I'll note a few things I didn't expect to see:


  • Right Front Tire*
  • Right Rear Tire*
  • Right Front Wheel*
  • Right Rear Wheel*
  • Front Center Bumper Air Deflector
  • Front Right Bumper Air Deflector
  • Front Bumper Filler Panel
  • Front Center Bumper Trim
  • Front Center Bumper Moulding

  • Fuel Tank (wtf?)

Repainting front/rear fender? I really didn't think anything needed to get painted! Lets hope it matches! (does it ever?!)

*(looks like they're replacing my aftermarket wheels/tired with OEM ones? I really didn't expect my insurance would be covering aftermarket wheels!)

Graphical representations courtesy and may not depict actual parts used.

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