Saturday, July 25, 2009

Mag R/T vs. Mini Cooper Dinan S w/ mods

Sometimes its entertaining to take a look from the outsiders' view, as I found in this post off a Dodge Magnum Forum:

Mag R/T vs. Mini Cooper Dinan S w/ mods

So I'm commuting to work this morning and just went through the toll both on 92 West San Mateo Bridge. I hit the gas to merge as the lanes all consolidate and wind up behind a Mini Cooper Dinan S, it was black with black wheels, hood scoop, lowered and had some sort of lights mounted on the front bumper. I wasn't really looking for a race just some one to get behind and dodge traffic. Then the Mini nails the gas and takes off. I say ok, I'll stay behind this fool since I know he can't go far due to traffic. I catch up quickly then we hit another gap in traffic, then he does something that just surprised me and pissed me off at the same time. He waves his hand at me like a girl, not out the window but from inside the cabin hand turned backward and just waves his fingers like he is making a fist and saying bye bye. So I hit it and catch up to him again. Oh, it was on at this point, we were starting at 60mph with traffic I see the break coming and I drop it to 3rd. This TURD actually does the sissy wave to me again. Then I kill the gas pedal and pass the guy on the right hand side. I wish I could have seen his face. We hit traffic again and I slow down and maintain speed with traffic. The mini goes to the right lane behind me and I think that may have been when he spotted the HEMI badge and gave up or maybe he was putting his make up on and had mascara in his eye, because he shed a tear after loosing to a wagon. He kept his distance after that. Not that I would have kept racing because once you get off the bridge traffic sucks and it's just too dangerous. I LOVE MY HEMI. Can't wait to get a diablo so I can really put it on someone. Does any one know how much power the mini cooper dinan S has, just curious?

The resulting discussion was an entertaining combination of ego tripping and actual, informative (but wrong) discourse. Then again, I'm easily entertained. :)

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