Sunday, May 17, 2009

Blog Plug: Motoring Alliance*

It's been awhile since I've shamelessly promoted another MINI related website- not that there aren't plenty to go around, but simply because once you're deep enough  inside the MINI bubble, you forget that not everyone knows everything that's going on.  Sorry for that.

For example, a few days ago the latest MINI forum to come online, opened up to the public. Forged by seasoned forum pros and Mini/MINI diehards, I look forward to seeing how this online community develops.   (Bonus: They've also got a Facebook group too!)

*(And yes, for those sticklers, you're right- Motoring Alliance is not a blog, but an online forum. Whatever).

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  1. What with MotoringAlliance in USA, and TotalMINI in UK, while both "original" sites (NorthAmericanMotoring & MINI2) continue, it's getting really hard to keep up!

  2. Are comments supposed to be black-on-black?

  3. Thanks for the kind words!!

    Was just hoping for a link, but background as well. w00t

  4. @Ian: See there you go- forcing me to do my homework! I knew comments where coming up black since the redesign, but was leery about diving into the CSS to fix it. But thanks to you, it is now corrected!

  5. @gnatster: hey no problem. love the new site!