Sunday, April 05, 2009

Color-changing MINI? Question mark?

Showing up on my MINI COOPER Radar this morning, is the "Color-changing MINI"... Only, thus far its all talk no walk.  By this I mean, many  blogs are regurgitating the same, possiblly April Fools' Day' originating PR copy, yet, I cannot find any real information on the "Chameleon MINI",  not to mention any decent photos.  To add to the Jetsam  (i.e. key "facts" gleaned  from several online sources)...

"Called the Mini Chameleon, the car changes its colors according to both temperature and moisture. This MINI designed by BMW will showcase its brainchild in the MINI Habitat showroom in Singapore on June 30th 2009. What is amazing is the fact that colors tend to be changed in seconds...

...Color changing capability proves to be very helpful for Mini’s drivers with its ability to brighten car’s paint on a rainy day, ensuring improved visibility and thus increasing driver’s safety while on a sunny day the car’s paint lightens to reflect heat and chill the car. Color changing capability became available due to a FeintPaint technology developed by Spanish company named Payola Forlids..."

Okay, cool? Yes?  But even cooler, would be if one could actually control when/how the color changes take effect! Am I right?  Seriously... need... more... details!  Anyone?!?!

UPDATE:  With a lack of any supporting evidence, I am beginning to to think this story is a  fake.  I'll stay on top it and keep updating this post  with any information found! 


  1. Payola Forlids = april fools day

    it's a fake.

  2. Aaaaargh! They got me! (sort of).