Monday, August 18, 2008

Jason Calacanis Drives a MINI

When most speak of dot-com millionaire Jason Calacanis, they speak of his well-earned arrogance, astute business sense, and entrepreneurial vigor. When the auto enthusiast speaks of Calacanis, its because he's on the short list for a Telsa Roadster.

Jason Calacanis on the MINI Cooper: "it makes a good dog-car"

So imagine my surprise when in the midst of the witty banter during Leo LaPorte's "This Week in Tech" (Episode #155), pressed about his current personal fleet, Jason Calacanis proudly mentions his Telsa Roadster (of which he anxiously awaits delivery), a Corvette C6, a Mercedes GL550... and then he says, "oh- and I got a MINI Cooper".

[insert record scratch]

Personally, I think its way cooler that the Big JC sports the MINI on occasion, than that one guy from American Idol.

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  1. While I do enjoy listening to Jason on Twit from time to time, the fact he owns a MINI is no great surprise. He has more money than he can spend and tends to buy the latest "cool" toys. I think it's cooler that Penn of Penn & Teller had a couple and got them early on. I don't know if he still has them though.

  2. Spot on about the spending money. I thought it was funny that he said he bought the MINI "when [he] was broke...".

    Must be nice. :)