Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Be nice to your MINI Dealer whenever possible! Reason #32:

Everyday we hear yet another story about another dealership or Service Dept. that screwed someone over or has the compassion of a railroad spike.

The coolest thing a car dealership has ever done for me was replace a fuel tank filter free of charge- but only because although I was 6 months out of warranty, the mileage on the vehicle was far below the warranty limit and way to soon to be having any fuel filter issues. (What I get for driving a Chevy?, perhaps?)

However, that pales in comparision to the email that landed in my InBox this morning!

(Yet) A(nother) friend of mine ordered an R56 a few weeks back and is expecting to take delivery any day now.*

The following is an excellent story and illustrates "Reason #32" of why you should try to be nice to your Dealership Staff whenever possible:

(Lightly edited for privacy concerns):
"Yesterday I stopped by (MINI dealer) and spoke to (Sales Manager). He looked at what the computer said about when my MINI would actually arrive. It looked bad because the schedule had already slipped one day. According to the schedule, it wouldn’t arrive until Saturday. Of course I was bummed and told (Sales Manager), “I guess we won’t be having a birthday party Saturday after all.”

He said, “Give me some credit!”

He jumped on the phone and called the guy at Port Hueneme Vehicle Distribution Center who is in charge of the entire schedule. I heard him say, “I need a favor. You just received a car for a special guy who helps me out a lot. We have 200 people coming here Saturday to welcome his car. Can you do anything for me?” After checking, the VDC Manager said, “I’ll get it through and on a truck tomorrow.”

*That means my MINI will reach (MINI dealer) tomorrow. Whoo Hoo! The party’s on!"


This may be THE coolest thing I've ever heard a car dealership do for anyone! Of course, this is the same dealership that put up streamers, balloons, and a disco ball- to celebrate the delivery of another friend's MINI!

So- What's the coolest thing a dealership/service dept. has ever done for you?

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  1. My MINI service shop, MINI of Charleston, has gone out it's way on a number of occasions to 'make things work' in my favor. I have to drive 230 mile round trip to get there and so its no simple task to drop in. They have bent the rules a couple of times and generally been very accommodating. I would certainly buy another MINI there so its a good investment all round. It really is great to read of good things happening at the dealerships. We hear much about complaints and wrong doings so it was good to read your story.